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Good to have you here.  

We provide secure experience abroad with reliable support in all stages and focus on Volunteers in Germany.

Our mission


We believe in the tremendous opportunities for personal development and language acquisition by participating in our programs. So often have we seen how active time abroad has widened perspectives, created new opportunities, opened doors and last but not least boosted language proficiency! Therefore it is our goal to make reliable quality placements available at a very modest price because we want qualified applicants to be able to participate even in hard times. We are convinced quality and reliability are the keys so that volunteering can facilitate positive impact. We are dedicated to providing reliable solid conditions to volunteers who invest their time, creativity and effort.

What we do




Boppard / Rhine

We find and evaluate safe placement opportunities in countries we understand and with renowned institutions we trust and have evaluated face to face. We place you in volunteer positions mostly in public institutions, prepare you for the country, walk you through the contract and visa work permit process and provide ongoing reliable support on request until you are back home. At the same time there is a well structured system in place abroad, providing mentoring and assistance where needed.


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